There are many reason why the plugin doesn’t work, below are some reason to Highlight:

step 1: First, check your version of WordPress: the plugin is not supposed to work on old versions anymore. Make sure also to upgrade to the last version of the plugin.

Step 2: Then try to deactivate and re-activate it, some user have reported that this fixes the problem.

Step 3: Pay also attention to the new “Roles allowed to copy” option: it should convert the former “user level” option to the new standard, but unknown problems may arise. Make sure that your role is enabled.

Step 4: If not, maybe there is some kind of conflict with other plugins: feel free to write me and we’ll try to discover a solution (it will be really helpful if you try to deactivate all your other plugins one by one to see which one conflicts with mine… But do it only if you know what you’re doing, I will not be responsible of any problem you may experience).


    • Hi,
      There is no reason to triggered a fatal error with the latest version. May be something happen with another plugin which not related with Essential Premium Addons for Elementor. But we will assist you how to solve this issue. please create a support Ticket –

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